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Replace an array row with in place element structure


I have a 2-D array that is three elements wide and many elements long. I would like to use an In Place Element Structure to replace one  three-element row of this array. It's not cooperating. It insists on having an index for every dimension, which seems to make this impossible. Is there a way?What I wanted to doWhat I wanted to do

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There is single function that does this called "Replace Array Subset" which will operate in place.

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You have to use the Array Split/Replace Subarray Inplace structure. However, it is clunky to use. You need to specify whether you are changing in the horizontal or vertical dimension, (Right click and choose Split Dimension). Also every thing is a 2D array, so you will have to resize your row to be 2d.


Follow the advice of gregoryj and use the normal LabVIEW primitive instead of an inplace structure.



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