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Removing different items/Folders from LV Project



Typically, when I want to remove a vi or virtual folder containing vis or something from a project, I just right click on it and select "Remove from project"... 


I want to understand why it seems some things cannot be removed from a project this way-


If I right click on an auto-populating folder I do not see any option that would remove or delete that folder from appearing in (or being a part of) the project.


Likewise if I try to go down into that auto-populating folder, it won't let me remove from project (although this I understand because by the very nature of putting something in that folder you want to have it be a part of the project right?).


What am I missing here?   I'm guess there's some kind of simple explanation I'm missing...







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I hardly ever use auto-pop folders, but I happen to have a project which has one open at the moment (in 2011) and when I click it I do get the remove option (at the bottom of the menu). The folder has other folders in it and for those I don't get the option, but that's just the same as the other things in the folder and you already pointed out why that happens.

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