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Remove front panel border when pragmatically printing

I wish to print a portion of  a front panel directly to the default printer but I do not want to have a border around it.  See the attachment for what I've tried.


NI "help" suggests the app property Pr.CustPanel.Brdr? does what I'm after when "using the custom format with one of the print documentation VI methods."   It does not tell me how to go about using the custom format however....


Anybody have help for specifying custom format or any other way to turn off the border?

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OK....figured out how to get "custom format".   It appears I can have either 


      no border/whole panel  (using "custom format" and VI property print.VI to printer)


                                                      ---- or ----


      border/partial panel  (using VI method Print.Panel to Printer)



Any ideas on how to get "no border/partial panel"?



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May be I have a play around method, do you want to print a picture for control and/or indicator? if yes, you can use get control image from report generation pallet.



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That's what I've been doing in the meantime but I'm getting a few weird effects.  I add the control image to an HTML and print it using print report (without opening in a browser).  Works OK, but I get the browser's header and footer added on.  Can have the customer turn those off, presumably in the browser, I suppose, but this seems rather crude.  Also, the quality of the final print sucks.  Not sure if this is because of low res capture in the "get image" part or due to the asymmetrical zoom operation I did to the image to get it to fit on the page correctly. 


PC running the program won't have Word/Excel or the report toolkit so I'm limitted.  Thought about printing directly from Paint through a System Exec command but couldn't figure out a way to set margins/zoom via command line arguments.


Lots of ways to get me part of the way to where I want to go.

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