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Remove Password from RT Controller

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We have a number of PXI controllers that we use as part of a behavioral study.  They are connected to the Host PC on a dedicated "private" NIC (direct wire), so the Host is the only computer with access to it.  As part of the system, I wrote a utility that can change the Target's Start-Up routine (and make it reboot) to allow the User to choose from a set of RT options.


On one controller that I rebuilt (starting with a format of its hard drive), I followed the recommendation and set an Admin password (which I know).  I found I had to use it to update the PXI's Software, and also found that my code to reset the PXI's Start-up routine wouldn't work (because I was trying to do an Anonymous FTP).  So I needed to remove the Admin Password from this controller and make it follow the same rules as my other controller.


I figured out how to do this, and am posting this here in case anyone else comes up against this.  I did this from the WIFNIAuth application, which I got to by putting the PXI's IP address in a Web Browser.  Caveat -- my default browser, Chrome, no longer can run NIAuth, so I needed to do this from Internet Explorer.  Note that I use the term "PXI" here, as that is the target I tried, but I suspect that a similar situation will obtain for other NI RT Targets.


If you are successful, a Web browser into your PXI should open up.  The third button down on my system is the Security Configuration -- if a Password is set, you will need to enter the User Name and Password here.  [If a Password is not set, you still need to enter something -- see the end of this note].


To remove passwords, you need to remove the password from the built-in "admin" account.  Your goal is to make this password "blank", i.e. no password.  To do this, click "Change Password".  To create a blank entry, type a space, and then press <Backspace> to delete it.  Do the same for the Confirmation, save your changes, reboot your Remote System, and you should be able to get in without a password.


Note that I wrote this up after removing the Password.  When I attempted to open the Security Configuration (by pushing its button), it wouldn't let me in (as noted above).  So I clicked Login, entered "admin", and put in the "blank password" (<space><Backspace>).


Bob Schor

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Do you now have to press space then backspace to log onto your rt target or can you leave it blank?


Also, the chrome change is rather frustrating but you should be able to get that working with the following KB.

Matt J
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Accepted by topic author Bob_Schor
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

If I want to log on (using the Web app's Security Tab), then I need to use the <Space><Backspace> trick, as it needs a null password and treats <CR> as "skip" rather than "blank".  However, I don't need to use a Password to do anything "normal", like install software with MAX, use NI FTP to read/write to NI-RT.


Thanks for the note about the Chrome bug.  Wonder what Windows10 will bring ...


I'm marking this post as the "Solution", which isn't really accurate -- the original Post is the "Solution", but there is no option to mark it that way ...


Bob Schor

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It's not a Chrome 'bug' - they've actively chosen to stop providing support for NPAPI-based plugins such as Silverlight. The new Edge browser in Windows 10 also doesn't support plugins.

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Then I hope that NI "gets on board" and makes their "hooks" into Web-based interfaces comply with the evolving standards.



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