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Remove Frame Not Implemented

Crosspost in Lava


So I saw a new error today, one I've never seen before but I'm assuming other have. It is error 1072, and the text along with it is the following:

LabVIEW: This property or method is not yet implemented.


I was not aware that LabVIEW shipped with method calls that are available, which are not implemented. I was attempting to use a invoke node to remove a frame from an event structure. I was first frustrated in the fact that I couldn't programatically get the name of each event case. There is a Lava post here which attempts to read it using OCR but has issues with different system fonts, clear type, and cross platform issues. I decided to just delete the frame based on the index and not the text since that seemed to difficult to find. Apparently this won't work either and I was forced to come up with a work around using a disabled diagram structure, which would have duplicate code in each case, other than in one the event structure has the one case removed that I wanted. I would then remove the disabled structure leaving the case I want, with the events I want.

The post I linked to earlier is from 2009, and I'm a little surprised to find out that the event structure scripting tools are still immature. Can anyone comment on their development? Or what other scripting functions are available to but not implemented? I assume features like "Remove Frame" are implemented and NI uses them, they just aren't exposed. If that's the case I'm surprised that NI couldn't find the time to expose these functions in the couple of years scripting has been mainstream.

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LabVIEW VI Scripting



The Scripting API is subject to change between LabVIEW versions. NI makes no guarantees that any feature or behavior associated with the Scripting API will either exist, migrate automatically, or have a functionally equivalent behavior in different versions of LabVIEW. 


So if NI does not require a certain function, it is also possible that it will never be implement even though the method is selectable.



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Hi Hooovahh,


Per NI R&D posting on your thread in Lava:


    "Remove Frame is not implemented at all, not even internally. Pretty much all of our scripting operations are constructive, not destructive, so it doesn't surprise me that this got missed for so long."


As far as I am aware, there are no plans at this time to implement this functionality for Event Structures or Stacked Sequence Structures.  The Idea Exchange is a great place to post this feedback, and there is already an existing Idea very similar to this:



Chris Elliott
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