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Remotely interact with a RT VI front panel

Hi all!


Briefly, i developed a RT application on a cRIO with which the user interacts using a HOST application. So, nothing special, considering that the two applications have been developed in LabVIEW.


Now, in order to give more freedom to the user, i would like to allow him to interact with the RT application simply using a web browser. Reading this post, seems to be possible to publish the front panel of a VI through the web, but i don't understand if this can be done for a RT application. If it's possible, i ask to provide some suggestion on how to realize this.





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Yes, you can do this, with some limitations. See the help for publishing RT target VIs to the web, this works for executables too. If you are trying to publish a subVI, make sure that in the build specification you do not remove the front panel (this is a change from the default behavior).

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