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Remote system is disconnected


I am trying to make cRIO-9022 work with LabVIEW 2015 sp1 installed on Windows 7. I can see my cRIO under the remote system but the status shows disconnected. I tried to reboot the cRIO and restart the computer ( basically followed the solution in ). Then I restarted the system in safe-mode and reset the IP address (followed the instruction in 'Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery'). However, the status still shows disconnected. Any suggestions for this issue? 



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Very familiar with cRIO systems. Try Firewall, turn them all off, private and public. If your running McAfee, turn that off to.


Disconnect your computer from your internet/network. As it is likely in the 192.168...realm and might conflict with the IP of the cRIO on a 'Reset IP'


Connect the cRIO with ethernet or USB with that being the ONLY internet/network connection...If your using ethernet - set the IPV4 to DHCP.


Using CMD: IPConfig /release

then do Ipconfig /renew

reboot the cRIO - using power disconnect (the soft cRIO reboot may not be as robust).

Wait a moment..the from CMD : ipconfig...see that the assigned IP is like 192.168.x.x.


Now in MAX goto the remote device tree and see if you find the should.


Good Luck


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