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Remote debugging and file paths in executible

Looking for clarification about file paths when remote debugging a LabVIEW exe.

When I connect remotely and select a file control, I see the file system from where I am running the development environment.  This is not a problem since I can specify the target file by an absolute network path.  

What I am not able to determine is the location of other programmaticly loaded files.  For example, I have some library function calls that specify .dll files by an absolute path.  How do I know which machine is the source of the .dll files when they are loaded after the debugger connects?  

Ideally I would make sure the dll is loaded before launching the debugger but the VIs I am having trouble with are the ones using the dll so I need them to load with the debugger connected.

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The paths should be relative to (or absolute to, but that's not really a phrase - hopefully understandable at least) the target on which the exe is executed.


You can check this by moving/removing the dlls at the same path on your development computer - it should make no difference.

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