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Remote data base with ms access



i want to insert a data in to a remote data base using ms access. i have a ftp server.


can you help me how to do this.?

Balaji DP
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can anyone help me on this topic?

Balaji DP
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data base i used ms access data base,


to insert the data using database toolkit.


like a local machine we can create a data base using ms access and using database toolkit we can able to insert the data. so, using the same method from local machine ,example i have a server ip in that  a database like,


how to insert the data on above server address? 

Balaji DP
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Hi Balaji,,,i need help ,,now i have done MS ACCESS in local pc using OLE DB or ODBC...but i cant interface remote PC MS ACCESS..pls if you know can u tell me how can access it...thanks

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When you say "Remote" I believe the MS Acess database file is present on a computer connected through Ethernet Network. If this is the case, then configure the ODBC to point to the Database File present on the Remote Computer.


Then you could run the same queries use for INSERT INTO Database.


Do refer to the Database Connectivity Toolkit User Manual.



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Thanks for replay.....that things...i dont have local pc i know how to create dsn but for remote pc i dont have idea??? odbc  how can create DSN for remote pc(its connected on Ethernet)...that steps ,i need to know? ...pls

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Refer Attached PNG


Click on the "Network" button while selecting the, file.


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Thanks to replay me,,,,if this way i have to connect means,that MSACCES should be shared with user can easily (directly see or edit ) the Ms access it correct?...i did it like that before...but i am expecting to do it without share folder or share file....

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If security is the concern, then would suggest use appropriate user name and password for your Data Source Configuration. Refer Attached screen click on the "Advance" button to set the user name and password later to be used with the Database Open Connection VI.


Not any other method which i have come across, I leave it to the board to suggest if available.

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Thanks for all suggedtion.....i actually didt get what i expect...but you are very supportive to my query.....

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