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Remote Panel suddenly stops downloading at about 90%

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I have a Vi running in a cRIO and I want to control it with a web browser (Internet Explorer 7). The cRIO is connected to internet with a GPRS modem (MultiModem GPRS from Multitech).

Because the GPRS connection is low bandwith, I can open remote front panels of small VIs, but the main Vi, always, stops downloading exactly at 90 seconds and that means a download of about 90%, as can be seen in the image I´ve attached. To open the remote front panels of small VIs tooks less than 90 seconds.

The timeout for WebServer Configuration, in the cRIO, is in 360 seconds. I have, also, modified, witout success, the KeepAliveTimeout = 600000 and ServerInfoTimeou = 600000, for Internet Explorer (

So, any idea about what could be hapening?



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Hi Juanjo,


Good Morning and I hope your well today.


Thanks for the post.


I am unsure whether this is a timeout issue - as that is time between acitivtiy/data being received and no activity/no data being received. This suggests to me another limit comng into afffect, such as memory. This would fit in with why the small VIs do also / without timing out.


Have you tried making the front panel of the VI smaller (size)... to reduce the area to load?

Have you tried using tabs on the front panel to reduce the amount to load?

Can you attach a screen shot of the front panel of the VI? - maybe you have something on there that isn't supported by the web browser.  


Have you configured the IE settings, cache etc?

Kind Regards
James Hillman
Applications Engineer 2008 to 2009 National Instruments UK & Ireland
Loughborough University UK - 2006 to 2011
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Hi James,


Good morning and thanks for answer.

I forgot to mention that I have made another test, that consist in connect the cRIO in our LAN, and I can open the remote panel without any problem. Obviously it took less than 90 seconds to download.

I have attached the images of the main vi. I proved to remove the grafic and all the decorations but the size remains very similar (about 229000 bytes).

I didn´t mention, also, that sometimes download only 50%, it depends in the upload rate, the cRIO  have, when opening the remote panel. I also tried to open,  without success, directly from Labview.

Yesterday I made another probe, I´ve developed a vi (lets call intermediate vi) that is hearing the TCP port 80, and when a connection is established, it opens a connection with the TCP port 6342 in the same PC. After that, all the string received in the port 80 are redirected to the port 6342 and all the string received in the port 6342 are redirected to the port 80. It can establish multiple connections of these type. In that PC I have a Vi (lets call test vi) and the Labview webserver enabled in the port 6342. The purpose of the intermediate vi is to add the delay you want. I´ve inserted delays biggest than 90 seconds and instead I can open the test vi remote panel with the browser. Another interesting thing is that remote panel opens two connections to the port 80.


I hope you can understand me.




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HI, a little more information.

When I open the remote panel of a Vi that is running in the cRIO, the Internet Explorer status bar shous the message "Listo" (means ready in english) when the Downloading Panel starts.


May be the next coud help:


- executionTimeout (

- Server.ScriptTimeOut (

- By default, the Server.ScriptTimeout value is set to 90 seconds (

- The default ASP.NET time-out is 90 seconds (



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Accepted by topic author Juanjo339



A few days ago I called to NI Brazil asking for support. They suggest me to use a newer version of Labview.

I was using the software that comes with the Developer Suite 8.5.1 (LV 8.5.1, LV RT 8.5.1, FPGA 8.5.1, RIO driver NI-RIO 2.4.0).

Now I´m using the Developer Suite 8.6.0 (LV 8.6.0, LV RT 8.6.0, FPGA 8.6.0, RIO driver NI-RIO 3.0.0).

The problem was solved because with the new version of Labview, the front panel is smaller (around 144kbytes) than with LV8.5.1 (around 230kbytes). So, because of that fact, the remote front panel download in less than 90seconds.


Thanks to everyone that helps.

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