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Reminder value Slider selected when Button Cancel clicked

Hello everyone,

I found a publication on this forum that answered almost all my questions.
As I can not publish my code (confidential) I post this one as it is in the same logic.
The user answering the questions chooses values from the slider.
Now I tried to memorize these values so that when he clicks on the back button, the slider will be on the value he had chosen.
I tried but it doesn't work completely (see next, cancel, stop value change).
How to do it please?
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Hello, Lena.


     I don't understand the question you are asking.  You attached someone else's code from another Message on this Forum, but didn't provide a link to the Message so that we could understand the task that the Original Poster was trying to solve.  The "controls" and some of the information are in French (which I studied in high school, but that was a few years ago) and I still can't figure out the code's meaning.


     Since I don't understand the code that you are using instead of posting the code you are trying to fix (because it is "confidential"), how do you expect me, or anyone else reading this Post of yours, to understand what you are asking?  At least point us to the original Forum Message ...


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob_Schor,

I'm sorry I wasn't clear.
I put everything in English then.
Now I just want to remember the position of the cursor(Answer) when the user answers the questions.
When I click back I find where the cursor was at each question.
Is it clear now?
I just want to remember the value of the answers so that when the user wants to return he will know what value of the slider he had chosen at that question.
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Forgive me, Lena, but (a) you are working with "confidential code" (probably on a "confidential project"), and (b) you seem to be something of a beginner in LabVIEW Programming (and perhaps in programming, in general), so my advice would be to forget about this problem for a few weeks (its "bad logic" and "lack of design and thought" will only delay your learning how to logically approach a programming problem and start to solve it).  I suggest you begin with the LabVIEW Learning Center on the first page of this Forum.

Learn LabVIEW.png


Bob Schor

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