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Relative paths for .LVLIB VIs called from a class


Complex use case here. We have a single-volume file server with our shared VIs and projects on it. Classes, LVLIBs and application projects are all there, separated from each other by sub-directories. I'm trying to architect things so that we can make these structures compatible with version control software; our developers hope to be able to clone the hierarchical structure to their local machines so they can work from home at high-speed instead of dealing with massive network latency due to VPN / work-from-home requirements due to the COVID pandemic. Ideally, we want the benefits of version control so that we all can work and have a way to push changes back to the server with merging and all those good-practice things you need in a multiple developer scenario, especially since we're all working separately.


Here is an example of the hierarchy:


\\server1\eng_development\Driver Libraries\HIDAPI.lvlib


\\server1\eng_development\LV Classes\TI TUSB3210 Class\TI TUSB3210.lvclass

\\server1\eng_development\LV Classes\TI TUSB3210 Class\Public VIs

\\server1\eng_development\LV Classes\TI TUSB3210 Class\Private VIs


\\server1\eng_development\Test Project\Test Project.lvproj

Contains a explicit reference to \\server1\eng_development\Driver Libraries\HIDAPI.lvlib


I have VIs in TI TUSB3210 Class\Private VIs which call VIs from HIDAPI.lvlib.


If I clone the entire \eng development hierarchy to my local drive (i.e. C:\eng development), everything is locally-referenced via relative paths except the calls to HIDAPI.lvlib from the private VIs - they still explicitly point to the server instance of the library (\\server1\eng development)


If I clone Test Project, in which I explicitly reference HIDAPI.lvlib, the project reference is relative and points to the local copy, but the class VIs are still pointing at the server copy and I end up with a conflict.


I don't see a way around this other than replicating the functionality of the HIDAPI library in the private VIs of the TI TUSB3210 class - which seems like a waste since the point of the library is to avoid copy/pasting VIs. Is there a way to force the class VIs to relatively reference the library instead of absolutely?



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