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Registercards - How to lock specific pages

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Hello, I've written a program using register cards. On different pages any user can do different things.

For production issues we now need to distinguish which user is allowed to use which features. A very smart solution could be to lock some pages.


- Standard user: is allowed to use page 1 .. 5, but not 6 and 7

- Super user : is allowed to use all pages

Is there a possibility to do that way? I only found the method to lock the whole register card.



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Register cards? Do you mean a Tab Control?


I don't think you can enable or disable pages during runtime, or at least I haven't been able to find the right Property Node to do it.


But what I have done is hide the "Tabs" and use Radio Buttons to select the pages, then I can enable or disable the buttons as necessary.



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Accepted by topic author scr_rhe

You can get the array of page references and hide the page you want or change the 'Page Enabled State'.





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