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Regenerating a signal while acquiring the same signal



I am having a problem continuously generating a signal while acquiring the same signal. I have created a task in a vi that generates a pulse train. It works in a loop, so it continues to generate a number of signals with delays in between (I have attached the vi). In a separate vi, I attempt to call the task and run it, generating a pulse train, while I acquire the same pulse train as an analog input (I have also attached this vi).


My problem is that when I acquire the signal in the second vi, I only can acquire one set of pulses. The task does not continue to run as it does in the first vi. I have attempted all sorts of loops to combat this problem, but I cannot figure out how to generate and acquire a signal identical to the one I created in the first vi. What should I do to fix this?



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Hello Katho,


I do not quite understand what the VIs do, but have you tried generating digital pulses? Are you saying that you want to delay the input signal in an output and then input that signal again?.


Eric NI

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