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Reg the licensing of the NI Engine

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Hello all,

I am a CLAD certified engineer and I am planning to create a product for the clients

I am going to use the following components in my product

* NI Engine

* java

* End user application(vi)

I am going to create the product using the same and i am going to give the product to various clients for their usage. The client will not access Lab view at any cost or Modify the program(vi) but he will be accessing the final overall Output through a touch screen or Human Machine Interface. Is it mandatory for the client to Purchase the license for the same ? please clarify me regarding this issue.

                                                    Thank you in advance,


Kumaresh K.C.

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Most of us are LabVIEW users who are not qualified to provide legal opinions on NI's Licensing requirements.  I suggest you contact NI directly (if you don't have a local, regional, or national office, you should be able to find a Contact Us link on their Web site).


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author kumareshkc

I don't understand what you mean by NI Engine.


If you have access to the Application Builder within your LabVIEW development enviroment you can create an executable roality-free and usually hand that to your customer roality-free. There exist a few exceptions, e.g. if you use the vision toolkit, then you need some additonal run-time licenses. But you should read the requirements that are written in your LabVIEW software agreement.


The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine and a lot of the NI drivers are free to install on your client machines.


Regards, Jens

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