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Reg buffered shared variables explanation




I am in process of understanding the functioning of network published Shared variables. I was trying to use buffering of SVs in order to utilize it for application.

In a project I created 2 libraries, one hosting a double type server SV with 50 buffer capacity. In another library I created an alias variable as client.

These variables were accessed in different VIs. The server VI was writing random data to the server SV. In another VI I am reading the data from client SV.

When I stopped my server vi the client vi also stops updating and keeps the last data value. 

My query is regarding the use of buffering in SVs. I was expecting that the client SV should still has 50 elements after the server vi is stopped. Or there should be some delay in update of data in client vi but I did not observed anything. As soon as  the server vi was stopped the client vi stopped in updating data.


Can anyone explain the use of buffering in SV. 


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