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Reference of an indicator in an array

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For a multiple channel acquisition instrument I wanted to use an array of gauge indicators on my Front panel. This gives the flexibility displaying different numbers of channel with the right numbers of indicators. So basically when I activate 2 channels, it display only 2 indicators, if I activate more I get more indicators. The issue is that I need to configure the indicators (color, scales etc...) at running time because the gauge configuration depends of the value indicated. For this I need the references to the indicators. So, how do I get the references of indicators in an array? 

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If you have an array of something, the properties of all elements in that array must be the same.  Only the values of the different elements in the array can vary.


Now if you made a cluster of X number of indicators, then you can set those to different properties.  For a different number of controls, you'd set the visible property to false for those indicators you aren't using.

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It would help of you could attach a small example VI to clarify your question. Be aware that elements of an array share all properties and array elements can thus only differ in value.

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Ok the fact that all indicators should have the same properties solves the issue. I wanted to have different properties for each indicators. I'll find another way! 

Thanks for the answer!

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The cluster suggestion of Ravens might work, depending how scalable your solution needs to be.


Also don't forget color boxes. Here the color is the value and each array element could be a numeric with transparent background over a colorbox. Still, this will not be a solution for "scales" because all array elements share the same scale (i.e. range, style, etc.).

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