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Recovering MAX configuration from a hard drive image

Hi there, 


I've inherited responsibility for a large, complex and expensive piece of lab equipment that is controlled by LabView, via two PXI NI-DAQ cards, several other custom PXI cards designed in ~2004-5, and a whole host of complex VIs. Recently, the PXI controller running the show decided to depart this world, and I've subsequently replaced it with a newer model. I have an image of the old controller's hard disk, and I've successfully installed LabView/migrated the data onto the new controller. 


However, one thing eludes me: NI-DAQ (as opposed to DAQmx) channel names and settings in MAX. I can't find where these are stored on the filesystem, and it's nontrivial to recreate them manually. Does anyone know where MAX, for LabView 7(!)*, stores its information? Where might I find the channel settings? Most things work, aside from a few features of the VI, which obviously make references to non-existent channels. 


Short of starting up the image in something like Buchs (an x86 emulator), I've no way of getting the old system up and running to have al ook. I can, howwever, look at its filesystem and registry easily. Might any of you NI-Knights be able to give me a hint where to find the information I need? 


Thanks for your help! 


* Yes, I'm aware that everything is written with outdated sfotware, using a depreciated -- or dead, rather -- DAQ library. However, it works, and these multi-gigabyte VIs have been keeping our lab in business for over a decade. I'm loath to spend time rewriting things basically for the sake of it. Apologies! 

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Hi Jack.Miller!


My name's Max and i'm an application engineer here at NI, I've been doing some research for you on this issue. Although I couldn't find out where the MAX settings are stored, I think the simplest way for you to transfer over your settings would be to use a program like Buchs and then follow this KB - .

You can then import the settings and you should have all the channels etc that you're after.


I hope this helps!



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doesn't MAX store all of these things in an SQL(?) database? Would it not be possible, with some NI help, to just mount the database and run some queries?  or if this is proprietary, to provide NI with the database/index file(s) and have them run the queries and provide the output?

CLD LabVIEW 7.1 to 2016
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