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Recordset Data

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How can i show myrecordset datas in a table without "value ->" or in a array of clusters without "value->"


Thank you.


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Since you have provided zero information on the actual record set, how you are reading it, etc., it is just impossible to say what you need to do.
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That is how a variant looks.  How would you like to display the data?  Where is this data coming from?


The short answer is that you will want to format all of the data into strings and then use a Table.  But how to convert all of your data to a string could be interesting, depending on how your application is put together.

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Use database varient to data. After conversion -> will not appear. See image for reference

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I added my db table and my block diagram.

Ranjeet I did but i cant set type my db dable have numeric + string + date but when i try create a empty cluster like my columns i see type error (broken wire) in attachment 1.PNG

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Now i fix my problem. Thank you for your help.

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