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Record a video with a camera and save it with a string as the name

Labview 2014 or 2022


I have a test vi that controls an actuator and records a feedback circuit.

It is also connected to an external indicator.


I need to take a video of the external indicator traveling through its range and save it under a specific name.


No processing, only record a set number of seconds then save file as.


Do I have to have the Vison add on to do this?

$5k is pretty steep for this single task.


If not I will setup a Raspi Cam and use GPIO pins to start stop.

Then use the file functions to move the file.


Was just hoping for a more ready made package.

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Unfortunately, you would need NI Vision Acquisition Software license to use NI-IMAQdx in order to capture image from non-NI camera. 

Does My Camera Use NI-IMAQ, NI-IMAQdx or NI-IMAQ I/O?

Licensing NI Vision Software


Perhaps, you can use Python to control a webcam instead. See Python OpenCV: Capture Video from Camera

If you need to integrate this flow into LabVIEW, see Integrating Python Code in LabVIEW or Call Perl and Python Scripts from LabVIEW.

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