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Receiving VIA VECTOR CANCASE_XL_Dividing the Received message into ID and DATA



I need to make a project in which i will receive data by CAN and then based on the received data ( ID and DATA)  I need to send some CAN message in response.  

I am using Vector CANCASEXL with LABVIEW 2015. 

I really want to thank Mr. TroyK who have already put VIs for sending and receiving data by Vector CANCASEXL at:


I have checked both of these VIs and they are working accurately at my end as well. But the Receive.VI shows combined CAN data . I need to get one CAN message at first and then separate the ID and the DATA from it. Based on each ID and first two bit of CAN DATA, i have to perform different actions.How can we separate ID and DATA (bits)  from the received CAN message? 

I am beginner on Labview. I would be very thankful if some give me one  example of doing so..


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Hi abkakar1,


It looks like you have a table that stores the ID and Data. A table is just a 2D array of strings, so you can use the Index Array function to access specific cells. You can then use a string conversion function to get a numeric if needed. You can also use the String Subset to return a subset of the chosen string. This should allow you to separate the ID and Data from the received CAN message.

NI Product Owner
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