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Receiving/Reading/Writing data stream to-from PXI-8513

I have a PXI-8513 connected to an IMU that I want to be able to read the hex data stream from it as well as parsing it as every byte has information about the products I am working on. Reading the data stream and parsing it is the challenge. Also, CAN or XNET as devices are connected through ethernet. 
I have attached a sample screenshots of the NI-XNET and my code in progress.

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Hi mjafarin,


If you're starting out using NI XNET (or CAN), I'd recommend taking a look at the shipping examples as well as these documents as reference:

Getting Started with the NI-XNET API for LabVIEW

NI-XNET Hardware and Software Manual


It sounds like you're working on creating a frame input stream, so the "CAN Frame Input" example should be a good starting point.

Daniella C.
Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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