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Really Problem to save array with TDMS

TDMS Icon to save data are very good, but there is a problem: if you use array for data input compare this strange error:


03 - Problema Array TDMS.JPG


there is a breck up of fire that connect channels name to TDMS Icon. If you use merge signal o cluster this error don't compare. Why? Can you solve this problem?

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it expects a 2-d data array when you pass it an array of channel names.  Insert a build array function on your data input wire.
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Yes but why If I use a cluster instead an array the fire became violet? can you repeat this simple vi for me?
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Channel name does not expect a 2D array. Why you have a broken wire is hard to see with just an image. Post your VI. What do you mean by use a cluster?


p.s. You keep saying fire instead of wire.

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yeah nevermind, I was mixed up.  there's an array-dimension match you have to make with tdms read.


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