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Real-Time data to array

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take this as example , it is between two systems communicating on serial port. one sys send data and other rx it , parse it and then send appropriate ack


1   read a serial port buffer (wait for some time to avoid any data loss ). when all is well terminate the while loop

2   now parese the data as per requiremnt and display it

3   send ack to the sys1

4   repeat step 1 to see is there any data rx in reply of ack


put all above in flat sequence and put the seq in a while loop. all work fine.


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@Tirmizi wrote:

take this as example , it is between two systems communicating on serial port. 

This has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Please start a new thread if you want to discuss something else.


In any case, all your important nodes in your example contain error terminals that you can use to enforce execution order. No sequences needed.

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It seems you are a new LabVIEW user. Please take the time for some of the LabVIEW tutorials to get a better understanding of data flow and correct design patterns. Contributions from new users are welcome but propagating incorrect methods to other new users just makes it more difficult.
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Thank You everybody for great replies! It worked 🙂

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