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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to use two versions of LabView together for the cRio 9076.Labview 2011 sp1 for module 9201 and LabView 2013 sp1 for 9244 module. Each of them works normally alone.I am using CompactRio 13.1, NI-RIO 13.1. For module 9244 I downloaded Module support 13.1.1.I will use Real-Time and FPGA modules.The CompactRio / NI-RIO version is compatible with the modules, but the Real-Time version is incompatible, would it be possible to use two cRio software one for each module? Each with a different version of real-time? LabView 2011 sp1  Real Time version 11.0.1 and LabView 2013 sp1 Real Time 13.0.1.

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You can't use two RT-version simultaneously in one target (but can in one host-PC).
But why you can't use highest version for both modules?

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Two people working on the same project, each with a different labview license. 

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 Is it possible for two computers with the same version of Labview to simultaneously
access the target?

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why not?
simultaneously but one by another.

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Accepted by topic author felipesagan

the cRIO can only run a single version of LV at once.  As a result, you'd have to constantly update the software suite on the cRIO to use both versions of LV.


How do you define simultaneous?  Can you both develop individually using the same cRIO?  Yes, but there are limitations.  Can you both run your applications at the same time on the cRIO?  No.  You can only run a single application at any point time.  Does that work with your testing?  Can they test, develop, and run their applications efficiently splitting time on the cRIO?  In many cases, the answer is yes.  You'd know the answer here better than anyone else.


But, don't you only have a single license for each version?

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No, I didn´t know the answer, I was thinking of buying another licence, but from what I saw, it will not work.Thank you.

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Accepted by topic author felipesagan

If you're looking for joint development, it might be worth looking at working from the same overall source.


Are these supposed to be working together?  If not, you'll eventually need a second set of hardware.  It might be better to look at that solution.  If so, eventually they need to be merged.  Why not use subVI implementation to allow each developer to work on their aspect of the code without modifying the other developer's work?  That would allow them to update the application without hurting their colleague's work.  It's one of the key benefits of source control.

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