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Real Laplace Transform Help Typo

The LV 2012 help for the Real Laplace is erroneous.

Her is what it says:




Basically, it shows the FFFT definition twice. The correct redaction is available online (for instance, see here).

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Hi X.


Thanks for providing us feedback on this issue, a CAR (368859) was created.


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Taking a look at the new version:




I would suggest to rephrase the first sentence as "of a real signal x(t)".

I don't really understand the mathematical meaning of the sentence "The discrete version of the Laplace transform of a discretely and evenly-sampled signal is a generation of the above continuous version", but that is probably because "generalization" is meant instead. Note that if anything, it is certainly not a "generalization" but instead a crude approximation.

I think it would also be helpful to warn the user that the function is inefficently implemented and additionally will fail arbitrarily if you enter a "end" value larger than 100, as seen by a quick look at the diagram.

In short, I would recommend to stay clear from it and implement you own 🙂

This requires the Full Development System though, which means you are paying big money to have access to this brilliant piece of coding. Better hide it in a "proprietary" dll! Then we won't be able to take a peek at it and cast this kind of disparaging comments...

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