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Real 3-D controls and indicators

I would like have real 3-D controls and indicators that could be included in 3-D plots.

Here is that I need:




And here isthat I could program:



I attached the code.

Could I set and use a 3D-viewer that could use .3ds or Rhinoceros .3dm formats?

Could I create 3-D controls and indicators that could be inserted at x-y-z coordinates?



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When I convert objets to VRML I have following problems:

Object that are not geometric figures dissapear

Colour dissapear

Some objects became transparents

Other that where transparent became opaque


"3D controls" only have some 3-D relief but have not 3-D coordinates to set in a real 3-D viewer


Labview 3D viewer is by far the worst one I have seen in my life!. I do not understand how the powerful labview have such viewer.

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I played around with some 3D controls and indicators (real 3D in the sense you could look at the gauge from the side or back) and even went as far as to start thinking about (did not get far) 3D fonts to go with them.


THe whole idea of a a 3D indicator is undefined. I could imagine many ways to go about this depending on what the end user really wants.


Without specifics I offer one idea.


You could use the verticies on the 3D tanks to define the surface of the tanks and then adjust the color applied to the verticies to show the tank levels.


The closest example I have handy is an example of overlay a CScan on the surface as shown here.





That took a lot of work and what you are asking for will probably be of the same magnitude.


Now switching the baltently honest mode.


When you are going were nobody has gone before, don't expect the trip to be easy.



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When you are going were nobody has gone before, don't expect the trip to be easy.

 But the reward is huge:

Imagine a 3D control of a factory or some Hospitals or anything


Labview control of a building is lees costly than any other systems, but with a 3-D control of them it coud be the definite advantage to take such business.


It could be used other 3-D viewer dlls that could be opened from labview?

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