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Reading tasks signal names into Select Signals VI?

Is there any way to get the signal names that I have specified in a task to propagate downstream to a Select Signals VI? that the signal name actually corresponds to what I have it named in the task?




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The task names don't actually exist on the wire until you've had a chance to run the VI at least one time.  (After all, it's just a wire to start with.)


Run your VI once.  Then open the Select Signals Express VI.  The signal names should now be picked up by the Express VI dialog box code.

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Interesting... I was thinking that they should propagate, but for some odd reason they're not.  I have two totally different projects I'm working on, one is using the DAQAssistant... the channels are named, but they don't show up in the Select Signals VI after I run it, and one where I'm using tasks that have the channels named, reading with the DAQmx Read and still no names for the channels after running.   



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Post your VI's, maybe there is another reason that the signal names aren't getting through.

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Ok, I'm back on track.... I got pulled off on another project and got side tracked.  Sorry for the delay! 


 Attached is my current VI, as you can see I have just used a Split Signals function for my development and would like to go back and clean it up some, but when I put in the Select Signals function the named channels don't pull from the DAQ Assistant.  It will recognize that there are 26 channels if I run it, but no names... just numbered channels.   Anyone see what I'm doing wrong?   ...other than too much on the screen! Smiley Wink


Thanks guys/gals!


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Maybe I've just figured out my problem... I'm using an Express Task.  I haven't read anywhere that it doesn't pass the info along while using an express task, but maybe that's the case.


...on that note, why is it that if I have a DAQ assistant sitting there I have two options... convert it to a task, or generate the code... shouldn't it do both if it's replacing the assistant?   I only ask because no matter which one you chose, the VI will no longer run with out further work, even though it did run before! 




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