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Reading port com1 via LabView

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Hello everyone!

I am creating an application that will get the data sent by software installed on your computer. The software communicates with the dedicated hardware via usb connector. In software it is possible to choose the port COM_x (x = 1, 2, 3 ...) and the baud rate.
The purpose of this application is to track the data sent to the hardware in order to monitor what data sent.

The questions are:


How do I view the COM port of the computer's in the LabView environment?


And necessary to install driver-s for that? What are they?


The COM port's available on your computer should appear in the software NI-max?


Unfortunately I could not find this information and I need help in this application.

Thank you,



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Accepted by Gabriel.

So another peice of software on the same computer has control of a serial port and is sending data through it.  You want to intercept that data?  Unfortunately, LabVIEW can't do that.  LabVIEW will take control of a serial port and have full control of it.  It won't share a port with another piece of software.


Now if you made a loopback cable and used a second port, your LabVIEW program could read that data coming in from that port.

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