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Reading network shared variables from web

With the curl and the suggested command I get the same 😞


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html><head><title>Not Found</title></head>
<h2>Access Error: 404 -- Not Found</h2>
<pre>Cannot open document for: /nivariable/</pre>

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I'd conclude that the problem is in the server side though. There is a response, so the web server is running, and the client can connect. So to me that means there's no network problem.


It seems to me the web server is simply denying access to the specific URL. But it's not a permission problem (as you don't get a 'permission denied' message). It seems that the URL is simply not there.


@arevh wrote:

I've created couple of variables, deployed them and continuously updating their values on the target. I can successfully read those variable in LV host application, but cannot get them as described in the corresponding help instructions.

So you mentioned this in the first post. It's not entirely clear to me.


Does this mean the LV host is running on the server PC? Or on the client PC?

Can you read from the host application using HTTP GET? Or with a shared variable?

Can you get the value when you postman\curl\browse to the url on the server PC?


I'm not sure if I'm able to help, as you seem to know what you're doing. So consider this as 'rubber ducking'. Sometimes stupid questions lead to solutions... And since nobody else chips in...

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