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Reading from an XML file

Greetings everyone. This is probably a simple task, but I'm really struggling. I am currently trying to read some variables from an XML file, and so far I've been unsuccesful. 


-Already tried JKI's easyXML package (, and it's not really been easy.

-The attached XML file does not follow the LabVIEW schema.

-I require only to be able to read the variables, to incorporate them to the running VI, no modifications needed.


I would just like to know, if there's already a standard method of doing this and I'm trying to reinvent the wheel, or if I need some more specific data management. Have also tried using the standard LV XML parser, but that has been even less succesful.

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Start with LabVIEW's XML examples in the example finder.  I'm sure you can modify one of them to achieve your goal.  (Make sure to copy the project somewhere so you don't overwrite the stuff that came with LabVIEW.)


I find parsing xml files to be extremely tedious and painful to the point where I'd rather stub my toe on every table leg in my house than to parse an XML file.


Good luck!  Smiley Happy

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