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Reading data with: Read From Measurement File Express VI

Good day, I have a question, today load a data with the: reading data with: Read From Measurement File Express VI, part of a program of three channels that was developed, we loaded the same information to verify that it gave the same image in the three channels, but in spite of being the same file, they give different graphs, then another file was loaded in the same way because the program was verified and didn’t was found because for that failure, in this second opportunity if they gave the graphics the same as expected, but the question arose why this failure at the beginning, does anyone know anything about it ?, or something similar has happened ?, or where I could read about this type of errors, is for be careful in future, with the reading data.

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Hello Gada,


I find it difficult from your description to see which was the behavior you saw happen. Attachment could be useful to help troubleshoot. I presume either the Read From Measurement File Express VI was not configured in the same way, or the file was somehow modified.


Moreover, I recommend not using the Express VIs and going for a TDMS solution for the best performance and reliable data.


All the best,

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