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Reading data from google search

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Hi guys,


I would like to attempt a to make a crappy version of Siri/Alexa in labVIEW.


Does anyone know where I would begin when it comes to grabbing data from a google search with LabVIEW?  


Another variant to this question can be, how can I read words that are contained within a website through LabVIEW?

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Accepted by topic author CDuck
01-25-2018 02:16 PM

There's a few ways to do this but know this is against Google's terms of use.  Here is one such discussion.  Google may block your IP from their services, or more likely throw up Captcha images to prove you are a human (your program is not).  I have some code that does use Google searches and the I'm Feeling Lucky feature to get me to the page I want (hopefully) and every so often I get a Captcha which I detect and then have to answer manually.  I don't do this for much data and not very often but Google likely knows I'm using their services improperly.

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Awesome! Thank you very much.

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