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Reading cRIO module calibration status (FPGA)

Hi community,


I have an NI 9081 8 slot chassis with 8 module, some of them required to be calibrated. No measurement should be started if any of the modules are uncalibrated. How can I check programatically if they are still within the calibration interval?





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There's a good relevant example that ships with LabVIEW and is located in Example Finder>>Hardware Input and Output>>System Configuration>>Calibration I believe it has what you're looking for.

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Thanks. Thats probably work for this particular chassis (NI 9081) which has an RT part, but I want to perform the operation on the FPGA level.

To make my question more specific: what if I have an non-RT FPGA chassis which modules required to be calibrated. How can I check the cal date of the modules on the FPGA level? (or from the host PC, but I guess thats not possible)



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I have tried to run the calibration audit with no success... I tried to use it in several ways (as I am not experienced RT), but none of them gave me anything but an empty array.


1, The IP I used is correct for sure (device accessible via a network browser with this IP, also shows up in the target pulldown menu on the front panel)

2, Username / password is correct for sure (can log in with those in a browser + the code gives an error message if I use something else)


I have tried to use it as

a, a standalone VI

b, part of a project under my computer


The VI ran successfully without dropping an error message but the FindHardware VI (3rd on the block diagram next to the property node, gives me an empty array.

The modules are for sure in the chassis and recognized by the project.


Any ideas?




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Did you select your 9081 as your traget host on the front panel?

Also, try loading the System Configuration API onto your 9081:

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