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Reading amplitude from oscilloscope

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Hi Im tring to read tow signals from an oscilloscope in different frequencies and making  Amplitude/Frequensy tables for each of signals. but in my program I have tow problems.

1. During reading from the oscilloscope and writing to the textfile I get the whole array af the graf i.e (Amp/Time) but I only need the Pick to Pick value of the Amplitude not the whole array(not the whole array) .  

2. I can't read the signal from chanel 2.


thanks for your help 

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1. You put the code in there to record the whole arrays and you did not put any code in there to fetch the Peak to Peak reading and record that. You can calculate the peak to peak with LabVIEW or use the scope to measure it.


2. Is the second trace visible on the scope?


Your code is very inefficient. You don't want to configure everything with each iteration. The only things that should be in the loop is the initiate and fetches. Also, the stacked sequence structure is unnecessary.

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Accepted by topic author parsa

thanks for your quick answer


1. If there is a function in labview to return the Pick to Pick value of the measurement , could you please mention it.

2. No the second trace is not visable in the scope.


You are right, I althought recognized that there are som unnecessary parts in the loop but I didnt know exactly wich parts I could move out from the loop.

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the first problem is solved now, I found the function, now Ihave the Amp/Freq table.

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