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Reading a Control's List of Options

Hello. I have what looks like a simple problem. Here in this image I have shown a control with its selection window pulled down to reveal the options available. 

What I want to do is access this list, then I want to read them.

I want to compare the IP addresses shown to one I'm looking for. 

When I find a match, then I know the hardware I need to select. 

I want to select the control's value to pass along to an indicator for this sub-vi.


Is this possible with LabVIEW?


Thank you, Richard V


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Measurement I/O >>> System Configuration >>> Find





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Hello Ben. Thank you, but no, this doesn't help. The control I'm using is in the Realtime-RT Utilities-System Configuration.


I see the same Find there too. I also saw the Find, which is what I think I want.


I can't find any examples. The Help information isn't very helpful, but I'm trying to make sense of it.


Thank you, Richard V

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Hey Richard,


So you want to compare a search term to your list and use a Boolean as the result of the comparison. You should be able to do that using a String Control (or constant if it won't change), and the Equal? VI to compare it. The output will be whether or not they're equal.


If you use the aforementioned Find Systems VI, it should output a 1-D array of Strings of found systems that you can step through and compare to your search term.


To do that, you could just index the array and compare it element by element. Does that make sense?


As for examples, we have all of our examples listed in our example finder found under Help -> Find Examples. Was that what you meant?


Let me know if this helps or if I can clear anything up.


Timothy D.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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