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Reading Data from CAN device



I've connected a CAN device to my PC via NI 9860 cartidge within a NI-9179 chassis. I've been able to open up the interface on MAX and view the Bus Monitor. I am receiving signals just fine.


To view the signals in a LabVIEW program, I've started a new project and added an XNet Session, Signal Input - Single Point. I dragged the session into my program, but it gives me the following error: "A signal/frame session has been opened, but it doesn't contained signals or frames." The bus monitor definitely did show that I am receiving signals properly, so why is LabVIEW telling me I'm not?


I've tried Signal Input - Waveform and XY and neither work. I've also tried Frame Input - Single Point, Waveform, and XY and none worked.


This is the link I used to create an XNET session. Please note, I just want to be able to read RAW DATA from my CAN device, there is no need to go any further, such as adding databases or other useless things.


Can someone help me?




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I would start by looking in the example finder. There should be a folder for hardware with an XNET folder under that. I think you are looking for the frame stream example but let me know if that's not it and I'll look again when I have LabVIEW in front of me.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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Hi Momo,

it seems to me that you have not added signals / frames to the database. you should have a block that does that...or you can do it manually in the property editor but i cannot remember where that is...

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