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Reading Binary R8 of Default TestStand Database with LabVIEW


Greeting All,


I am currently exploring TestStand and LabVIEW combination. Our test setup starts with acquiring the accelerometers and logging them into the built-in default database. It works as expected since it managed to preserve our data.


Here is the setting of the data acquired in the form of waveform

Waveform Setting to LogWaveform Setting to LogTestStand Database Viewer and Binary Data ViewerTestStand Database Viewer and Binary Data Viewer


Our issue came when we try to read the data in LabVIEW. Since we are used to using the Database Connectivity, we resorted to DB Tools Select and dealt with the variant.


Database Read.png

Binary Viewer vs Variant to Data.jpeg


Using the data type of DBL, we found that our data read is not the same when compared to our data found in the binary viewer. Here's what we found:

  • Using Get Type Information, we get that our Variant is 'External Data'
  • We are certain that we are accessing the correct column since we tried to access different column within the same table with no issue (for instance INITIAL_T with specific WHERE ID= )
  • The data that we got from Variant to Data, while wrong, is consistent. Meaning while we tinker the data type (string constant, variant constant) and representation (DBL, SGL), they resulted in the same.

Our focus now is on how we should handle the data, it doesn't necessarily need to use the Variant. Any input or suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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