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Sorry, sorry, the value of the string is "signal (1.0) 125458" (and the value at that point in time)
  It is a communication with BCI2000 and I can not modify the data you send me the program, I'm trying to make a connection in real time.
For processing these signals.

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Then you need to parse out the string.  If it is empty, do nothing.  If it is each of the other things, then you put the value in the appropriate chart.  One parse, one case structure.  Not multiple parallel things.

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You could make me an example or something indicative, please
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can you explain exactly what you wanted to do?

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
Certified (LabVIEW || TestStand) Developer
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I want the signal behaves as a zero-order hold, that those gaps that these gaps are zeros values ​​have
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Sorry not able to get information on what to do.

Just tell whats your input and how your output wanted to be in clear way.

In other way input value and the expedted output value.

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
Certified (LabVIEW || TestStand) Developer
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I want to separate the three signals separately since they are three different channels and what I represent in the accompanying photo.


This is what I need



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Hello solved the problem in a photo, I did not need anything UDP change anything.
Thank you very much for your interest Smiley Happy

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With the help of a teacher it has improved the previous solution and no longer have any problem with reading because I run the selection only when the string is not empty.
The solution is the photo.


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I have a question, in the time loop frecuenca can choose the refresh, but in the while loop that runs frequently?

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