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Read text file and plot XY graph



i have to plot the file attached on a XY graph. The first column contains the time axis of all channels. Each channel's amplitude is separated by each other with a tab delimiter and i don't know how to parse each column to represent it with a different colour on the graph.


Can someone help me? 

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try to use the attached file.


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with "Read from measurement file" vi read the time axis in order of row. I try to explain...if the n-th row as a value of 300, this vi ignore 300 and set the time value to n, so doesn't work.

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In the attachment there's the configuration of the  "Read from measurement file".vi and the results that I obtain reading your Example file.

I don't know why you say that it's not working.


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this vi doesn't work because the "y" value is correct for every channel, but doesn't respect the real time progress.
Look at the first column of the .txt : the time value restart with every channel, so in your configuration each channel is time separeted and this behavior is wrong.
I've attached an easier explanation file. Column 2,3,4 contain the voltage value acquired by a sensor at time reported on column 1.


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Here is an example of what I think you are looking to do.

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This is a simple example. I would make sure that in your final code that you look for the rising and falling side of the data to get the time incriments. I just subtracted 2 to get what I needed. I would use the treshhold detector and find both sides of the data to ensure that all of the nubers are correct but this gives you an idea of what you need to do to plot this on an XY graph.

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