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Read multiple elements from stream and write into tdms?

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Hi everyone,


i want to write multiple elements from an array network stream into a tdms. The array is 1D with 41 values. After the Read multiple elements from Stream function the array seems to be 2D.
The Stream is comming from an RT Target with high frequency, and I want to read several 100 arrays but with lower frequency on my PC Host (otherwise i think I'd need a gigantic buffer) and wirte them to the tdms.

Do I have to dismember the 2D array into 100 1D arrays, in order to get one row per original Array? Or does the TDMS function do it automatically?



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This seems to be related:


What's the best way to store 2D array data in TDMS file? - Database and File IO - LAVA (


"Dismember the 2D array" would be a matter of putting a for loop around the TDMS Write. You might have to toss in a Transpose Array, depending on the layout of the 2D data.

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