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Read from measurement file reading

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Hello every one...

Iam struggling about one logic it seems simple but unable to find solution hope u all to help me..coming to the problem is iam having an .lvm format file it contains two columns so i would like to read coloumns individually in indicators so i designed that but doesnt works..iam attatche two files plese check it...the .lvm file should plese locate in G drive of u r computer..

          Thank u to all...

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Hi hanumesh,

i have seen your the second index array you are incrementing the row and index array2 column is set to1 .if you create an array over there you can observe that index array2 column to 1 is empty so instead set index array 2 column to 0 .Then index array 2 also reads some data.

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thank what is the way to read data individually

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Accepted by topic author hanumeshbujji

i found the reason for this bug..simple just save the file without header then both coloumns we can see...header is the problem

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