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Read from NI Distributed System Manager


Hello all

 I need help in how to read data from  NI Distributed System Manager to LABVIEW (real time)

Think you




Forza Juventus
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I believe these are Network Published Shared Variables:

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Can you talk a little about the hardware you're working with? If so, I can help you find some good examples to get you started with it in LabVIEW RT. 

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 Compact RIO cRIO-9149


Forza Juventus
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Looks like you're trying to read some values from a module in your cRIO, and this document should help you get started with a basic application using the cRIO Scan Interface. 

Getting Started with CompactRIO - Performing Basic Control:

The CompactRIO Developer's Guide can help explain concepts when getting started as well: 

Additionally, in LabVIEW, you'll be able to go to Help > Find Examples > Browse > Hardware Input and Output > CompactRIO > Module Specific IO and find some example projects with some of the modules you have. 

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