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Read dispaly of a 6960b POWER METER

Hi am attempting to read a measurment from a Marconi/IFR/Aeroflex 6960B power meter.


I have had a good look in the manual but am unable to see what the GPIB command is to read the display.


Would anyone have a example VI or know the command to do this would be greatly appriciated?






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There's a CVI driver here and normally you could convert a CVI driver to a LabVIEw one but first someone with would have to create a dll from the source code. You could, however, look at the source code and see what commands are being used to control the instrument and read data from it.
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Hi Cally,


Have you considered using the Instrument I/O Assistant in LabVIEW?  If you know the commands or if the vendor can give you some direction, then the Instrument I/O Assistant may be a good way to get you started.




Best regards,



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