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Read data of sartorius scales with RS232 interface


Dear forum users,


I apologize for my late reply. But I had some electronic problems with my scale which took some time to solve.

After fixing the hardware problem, I can tell you the good news: The scale works fine again and my program ( works too (if I use P instead of p for the print command and if I use None for the flow control)!

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions!

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Could you please tell me what was your hardware problem? I am experiencing the same I guess.


Thanks in advance for your help

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I have the same problem that you had with timeout,for the same scale
can you detail me your approach, seeing that I saw your program
thank you in advance

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Please find attached my code (for LV2016, tell me if you need it for a lower version).
I hope it will work.
Perhaps you have to play a bit with the wait time (20 ms work well for me).
It could also be that your RS232 adapter causes problems. I had this once in a similar case. Since then I use adapter of ATEN which works very well.

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thank you for your reply
I have just done some tests, the balance is receiving but it does not answer. in addition for the numbers of octats are always 0, so I think there is a problem with the cable because I use a 25 poles adapter, or with Tiemout, I did not like this type of scale, now I work with Meltter Toledo is much simpler or KERN.
thank you again.

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Thank you for the update.

My Sartorius scales is also very old so that in meantime I also use a scales of KERN 😉 So I agree, it is really easier if one uses not too old devices. I am glad to hear that you also found a modern replacement.

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