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Read channel 1 versus channel 2

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I went through on Core 1 Lab View course and I start to understand some of it. I have difficulty to write the following application in Lab View 8.5 and 2011 version.

I need to write a VI for the Tektronix TDS 210 2 channel oscilloscope to be able read channel 1 versus channel 2 as( x versus y). Also I need to run this scope as a digital storage scope (store the waveform in the memory and be able to recall in determinate time range) I downloaded the driver for the Scope and I am able to run the Single waveform or Multiple waveform VI but I do not know how do I modify those VI to be able the function as I mentioned above.

I need to know also how I can lock this VI to read the instrument always a same GPIB address. 

Could anybody help me about this project please? 



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If possible can you give us more information on your system?  What GPIB card are you using, and how are you addressing the tektronix device?  This driver page may be of use to you, once we get more information we can definitely give you more help on this issue.



J Newk
Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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I don't have that model or that driver installed so I don't know the specifics. Are you able to set the scope manually to display it the way you want? If you can, then the next step is to find the equivalent program functions in the manual. Then search the VIs in the driver to see if those commands are implemented. If not, modify one of the existing functions or write your own and add it to the driver. I suspect you will have to write your own.


The other option is to simply acquire the two different channels and use the XY Graph in LabVIEW.

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I am able to set the scope manually to display the way I want to but when I read a multiple waveform Graph change back to the Amplitude/Time window. I understand that when I change the Waveform Graph as you mentioned to the XY Graph I will be able to see x versus y. That is great, but where can I find the XY Graph in the function panel? So many icons and I have so little experience I just feel like I am a squirrel .Could you please be more specific where could I find this XY Waveform Graph ?







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You went through the Core 1 class and never saw/used the Graph palette? It is a front panel control and not a function.

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Dear J.Newkirk,


I am using a National Instrument PCI GPIB (2003). I allready dowloaded the driver from the same web side and under the NI examp finder/Hardware Input and Output/Instrument drivers/Labview Plug and Play I found a VI called  Tektronix TDS 200 1000 2000 Series Acquire Multiple . The GPIB address is under Visa resource name:   GPIB::1::INSTR .I am using this now but I need to loock this addresse from the users.





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Dear Dennis,



Thanks for the fast guidance. I was mixed up I  try to modified the Waveform Graph through the block diagramm.





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Accepted by topic author Jozsef
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Make it a constant on the block diagram. That is a right click option when you are on the block diagram. I would also recomend creating an alias for it in MAX (i.e. 'Scope'). That way, if the address changes, you don't have to modify the program.

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