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Read-Write VISA Stopping Response issue

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@Tusharvp4 wrote:

Yes..My serial protocol is binary..


But you have a property node that is set to send the termination character on every write.  So you are actually sending the 4 bytes plus a line feed character.  That seems contradictory to not looking for a termination character when doing the VISA Read.


How can I can solve contradiction of a terminal character at VISA READ...??


I went to many thread , but I was enable to find solution...

Just get rid of that case structure with a True constant wired to it that forces the termination character on every serial write.  The Serial Configure has properly handled disabling the termination characters for reads.  (Assuming the protocol works the way you say it does.)

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Here...I tried with state machine design...Still having same issue...(Tried many terminal characters disable and enable, Did not get success)..



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You need to get rid of the Feedback Node in the VI where you are reading the data.  You are just processing old data because of that.

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Thank you..Its working now

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