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Read Delimited Spreadsheet - Error 7

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I am attempting to read in data from a .csv, something very basic - containing only numbers. I have been using a resolver simulator project downloaded from the NI site. So, when I try to simply load in the data, I get Error 7, "Open File+.viSmiley Surprisedpen File". If I create a new project from scratch and implement the exact same thing, it has no issue.



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04-25-2019 07:10 AM

Error 7 is defines as File not found!  The problem has nothing to do with the format of the file.


Things to check:

  1. Is the filename spelled correctly?
  2. Is the extension spelled correctly?
  3. Is the full path correct?  Try browsing for the file.
  4. Is the file still open in Excel?
  5. Is the file locked by another file function in LV?
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Upon doing further research I realized that I had incorrectly assumed the cRIO would have access to my PC's local storage. To resolve that issue, I've opted to send data through a VI stored on the PC with share-variables.

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