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Read 2182A by triggering through 6221



I am trying to make a simple vi for resistance measurement. Keithley 6221 is used to pass the current while Keithley 2182A is used to read the voltage. in the 6221 example library is used to pass the current. Also a triggering can be give to 6221 to read 2182A. I am intrested in knowing how to make use the vi's in the ke622x.LLB to read data from 2182A.


Any example code for the above purpose will be helpful to understand.



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Use the "Delta" of "KE622X Examples.llb"
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Hello, I also want to use 6221 together with 2182A controled by Labview. Could you share the "6221 example library "?



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Check out Help --> Find examples and then go through the data acquisition examples that are relevant.  You'll see what I mean.
-Matt Bradley

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Hi Bradley
Thanks a lot.

I checked it . But I cannot find any relevant information. Did I lose some codes?

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Try this ...


Help --> Find Examples-->Hardware Input and Output -->DAQmx


Now, pick one of the categories you are interested in (for example, if you want your 6221 to generate Analog signals, pick "Analog Generation".  Now (for example), pick "Voltage".  Pick any of the VI's in the list.  On the bottom right of the screen, you should see a "Requirements" box that lists all the devices this VI will work for.


If you want to limit your selections to the 6221 (assuming you have it installed in your computer), select the instrument in Hardware drop down box on the bottom left and check off the box "Limit results to hardware".


Does that help?

-Matt Bradley

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The LabVIEW driver for the Keithley 6221 is located at:


I haven't looked at it or downloaded it but there might be examples in this download.


Hope this helps.

Using LabVIEW 2010SP1 and TestStand 4.5
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Here is the link to the labview drivers for Keithley 6221


Please find the Attached "6221 example library". You can get them from the above mentioned link of Keithley. The last one (6221 Delta is the modified (not by Keithley) version to make resistance measurement using the 6221 and 2182A. 


Hope it will solve your problem.

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Hi Yash:

Thanks a lot.

That's very useful!!!


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Hi, can somebody help me to send a links of Labview Treiber for Keithley 2182a Nanomemeter? and some example how it will use.




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