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Read 2182A by triggering through 6221

The 6221-2182 delta is the the modified version of the "Delta" from the "KE622X Example.LLB" supplied by the Keithley. You can increase the number of readings in the front panel of the 6221-2182 delta You can do this using the "Readings" input control on the front panel of the vi.You can do this from the instruments front panel also. See the page no. 5-13 of the manual.
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Thank you yash,


but what I want is not to increase the number of readdings. Sorry maybe I did not make this clear.


 as the manual says:


there are 2pt delta mode and 3pt delta mode. the "2pt" mean the number of A/D conversion in each reading.


I just found there are lots of items under the property note in block diagram of the 6221-2182 delta mode vi.


May be I can set the point from here, I am still checking it, maybe the item "sample conts" is what I want.

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sorry it is trigger cont
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If you are using the Delta mode of 6221, then by default for a single reading there are 3 A/D conversion. These three A/D conversion are averaged to give 1 reading in the delta mode. If you want to 2 pt delta mode, then use the "" and modify for conventional bipolar current source.
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Thank you , I will need to use the 3pt right now. maybe for some condition later is the 2pt.


I just found that  there is an item called "measurement phases" in KE622X Configure Pulsed, with it we can choose


between 2pt and 3pt.  but there is no such item in the corresponding KE622X Configure Delta 


so I was wondering there is only 3pt option in this KE622X Configure Delta by default, and I intended to complie the


 ke622x_32.DLL which is a job I  have little  confidence.


But now with your answers , It seems clear that I am safe to use the 6221-2182 Delta  to do the 3pt measurement.


and use the modified to do the 2pt delta mode measurement.



is it the case ?


Thank you!

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For most general kind of measurements, the example vi's are sufficient. To have better command, the driver vi's like the one you mentioned (KE622X configure pulsed can be used in your main vi. To have an option of 3pt/2pt measurement on the front panel(With Delta mode), It would be better to creat a new vi using the as subvi and build the requisite.  This would be much easier than compiling the KE622x_32.DLL. I guess so.
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6221&2182A in Deltamode:how to reduce the communication time


when I use delta mode for resistance measurement, the "talking" and "listening" time between 6221 and 2182A is around 4 sec. Since I am going to do continuous measurement in a sweeping magnetic field, the 4 second of communication time is always presence in each measurement point which is even longer than the measuring time. How can I reduce such communication time? I am trying to modify the labview software so that only one communication will be activated at beginning of the continuous measurement, but it seems impossible. 

Any suggestion?
Many thanks in advance for any info.

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Avoid the delta mode . Use 6221 for passing the constant current at the begining of sweeping magnetic field and communicate with 2182A directly for measuring the voltage. The labview library files for 6221 and 2182A should have the vi's for independent communication.  

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Thanks a lot. the problem is that I need the delta mode to reduce the noise level......



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Hello Yash,


I cannot seem to find the drivers in the link you gave me.  I did download LabVIEW project style 2009 drivers for the 622X from keithley but the VIs you use in the attached files do not use these drivers.  Could you send me to the correct drivers for your attached VIs?


Thank you,


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